Decorating Services
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Creative Interior Solutions

Are you starting over? Do you wish just to refine what you have at your home? Decorating Familiar by Emma Grace in Kentucky has inspiring ideas and solutions that will improve your home. We realize how difficult it is to decorate spaces without planning and effort. This thought, coupled with our flair for interior decorations, made us work our business.


Our Services

  • Decorating Familiar by Emma Grace is an affordable way to redecorate your home. We begin with your favorite pieces and give creative art, color, furniture, and accessories solutions. We generally use what you have in your home.
  • Are you worried about all the clutter at your home? We also offer home organization services where we organize your home and declutter if needed.
  • Plan to update items in your home? Shop with us to update any items in your home. We do it for you and so come along. We can shop for furniture and décor for up to 3 hours.
  • In addition, we also style your home for resale. Call us before buying stuff for your home to avoid making a mistake.
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